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I help to create
good questions
and good answers.

I feel lucky with my work because I have the chance to develop people - and I’m also growing through the process. I do this in individual consultation sessions as a psychologist, as a leader in my self-knowledge groups, and everywhere I teach, hold training sessions, or develop organizations.

I have a degree in counselling psychology and economics, I have courses at ELTE and Corvinus University in Budapest, and as a doctoral candidate, I research how the process of becoming a leader affects a person.

I am a psychodrama leader, I completed the hypnosis training of the Hungarian Association of Hypnosis and the crisis specialization as a counselling psychologist.

The link that connects my activities is the need to develop others. I believe that knowing yourself is a real personal guide in life, no matter how old we are.

In my experience it’s not accidental who we meet and what questions are we working with in a psychological consultation process: we have something to do in each other's lives, and we can learn something from each other. Figuring out what and how can we take away, is a beautiful, often challenging process, which is good to be a part of.

I can offer those who come to me that they can search for and find their own answers to their questions about their lives. Meanwhile, they can know and feel, that they can rely on me and on the process that the two of us create - continuously.


Hypnosis practicioner
Hungarian Association of Hypnosis (certificate number: MHE/189/2019)

Psychodrama Leader
Hungarian Psychodrama Association (certificate number: 048/2016)

Counselling psychologist
ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Budapest (ELTE-PPK-1993/2013)
Crisis specialization

ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Budapest (454/2008)
Personality psychology and counselling psychology specializations

Psychology teacher
ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Budapest (792/2008)

Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (currently Corvinus University), Budapest (G-432/2001-02)
Management and organization specialization

1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi street 16. II/10. Doorbell No. 39
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Veronika Ferencz:
+36 30 660 2798

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+36 30 232 3170